Useful links

If you want to learn about different education systems, language, teaching methods, etc. then there are many important links for you. Some of these links are mentioned below.

Oxfam Education

This site works towards empowering the young generation to be active global citizens. They promote education to help young people to understand the global problems that are affecting people’s lives. Here you will find hundreds of online resources, teaching ideas, lesson plans, etc. These resources are free.

Colorin Colorado

In this site teachers and educators share their experiences of teaching English, literacy skills and other academic content to the English language learners (ELL). You will find lots of ideas, strategies, recommendations, videos, news, etc. in this site regarding the ELL field.

It is a general English language site that specializes in English as a Second Language (ESL). You will find various tools and resources for the teachers, students, and academics. It covers ESL, EFL, EAP and ESOL subject areas.

BBC Learning English

It this site you will find free text materials, audio, and video for learners. Courses are offered to many countries across the world. You will get multimedia teaching materials here. You will get many full-length courses here.

Many organizations are working towards improving the condition the education and teaching system. We hope we will observe great improvements in future.